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Aims and Scope

1 Editorial policy


1.1 Aims and scope: The EuroBiotech Journal is a peer-reviewed open-access international journal that publishes original articles, reviews and case reports in all fields of biotechnology and the life sciences including:  Animal Biotechnology, Medical Genetics, Biocatalysis/Biotransformation, Medicine and Biotechnology, Bioinformatics/System Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Nanotechnology, Biosensors, Omics Sciences, Biotechnology and Ethics, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biomedical Sciences, Education and Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Renewables, Biorefinery, Bioenergy, Biofuels, Bioproducts Enzyme and Protein Engineering Stem Cells, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering Food and Feed Biotechnology. The journal is the official scientific publication of the European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association (EBTNA). The EuroBiotech Journal will be published online four times each year in the English language.


The EuroBiotech Journal publishes only online and all articles are available on our website free of charge. Each work will receive a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.


The EuroBiotech Journal is committed to publishing works in the field of biotechnology by researchers from all over the World which are innovative and contribute to scientific knowledge.


1.2  Mission: The EuroBiotech Journal’s mission is to give scientists a chance to disseminate their findings in Europe and globally and make available scientific data free of charge for researchers. The EuroBiotech Journal also seeks to make accessible selected valuable studies which were presented in annually held European Biotechnology Congresses in the different countries of Europe by EBTNA for the benefit of scientists who could not attend these congresses in person. 


1.3 Review process:

1. First Review (Editorial Secretary)

2. Second Review (Editor-in-Chief) (reject, revision or evaluation)

3. Plagiarism check

4. Third Review (Editor specialized in field)

5. Possible Review by two or more reviewers suggested by author

6. Revisions (if needed)

7. Assignment of DOI number

8. Publication


1.4 Conflict of interest policy: The EuroBiotech Journal will expect potential authors, reviewers or editors to declare any material conflicts of interest and to ensure the highest standards of behavior at all stages of the publication process.


Editor in Chief: Prof. Munis Dundar



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