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Organic selenium effect on body temperature and body weight in broilers
1 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Splaiul Independenței, nr. 105, Bucharest, România  
Eurobiotech J 2017; 1: 332-336

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The research was conducted on a group of 20 3-weeks-old chicken from the Cobb breed that were divided into two batches. Both batches received a 21/1 ratio feed diet for broiler chicken in their finishing period. The experimental group feed was supplemented with 0.5 ppm selenium, with 0.25 ALKOSEL R397 g/kg mixed fodder. 30 days into this feeding regime, the following determinations were made weekly: body weight, body temperature and computerized thermography of the comb and wattle. The obtained results were tabled and bio statistically analyzed revealing that individuals in the experimental batch showed statistically significant increases of the values for body weight (average body weight was 14.78% larger than that of the control batch) and of the temperature measured in the combs (average temperature was 12.97% higher) and wattles (average temperature was 4.12% higher). The experimental group also registered a higher core body temperature, but not statistically significant in comparison with the control group. Association of the higher values of core and peripheral body temperature with increased body weight in the individuals from the experimental group, correlated with an increased number of red blood cells and lower cholesterol levels suggest an improved basal metabolism and a better feed conversion.

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